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Season 3

New season is here and this post should help you to catch up to the changes that were made from last season.
  • Champions from last season and their special items:
    1. R1sa_N
      • Item - THE HAMMER
      • Reward - 200 Tokens
    2. Hanzman_CZE
      • Item - Boxing gloves
      • Reward - 100 Tokens
    3. Dadas911
      • Item - Jester hat
      • Reward - 50 Tokens
  • Tokens were added as a premium currency. They can be used to speed up quest progress.
  • There are new friends to come across while you play. When you reach level 10 you can find a dino on one of your adventures. Train your dinos and challenge strong dinos on the mountain.
  • You can now store more items at your home.

  • New menu options were added:
    • Home - your base where you can store more items.
    • Dinos - train and select your dinos to go with you on adventures.
    • Adventures - climb the mountain to be the first one to get to the top.
  • We changed the way effects are given to new items. Greed is a new effect that increases the ammount of money you get from your quests. You can now hover over a quest to see what bonuses you have from items.
  • Hover tooltips were added over some items to help you uderstand some features.

  • Some visual changes were made to the game:
    • New icons for currency, experience and tokens.
    • Number formatting was added.
    • Item slots are now highlighted based on the item you are holding.

Resurrection and updates!

We are back and we are alive!
We have been working hard on the next season and for those of you who have achieved a level 100 we have now added a limited Level 100 badge for Season 2.
Also there will be more frequent updates from the start of February and a new Season for you.


Another big content update is here and right before christmas. You now have the ability to send messages to other users. To start a conversation you need to find the player in the leaderboard and click on their profile. Then click the message icon and you will be taken to the conversation page. From there your messages are saved and you can find them again on the conversation page. Every conversation is limited to 100 messages (older messages will be deleted).

Mobile version hotfix

With the mobile update there have been some issues that floated to the surface. In this patch the following was fixed or adjusted for better functionality.
  • Removed long decimal numbers as energy cost for some quests.
  • Next and previus page buttons on the leaderboard page are now bigger.
  • Added an option to delete items on mobiles.
  • You can now click on a badge to change it on the customization page instead of clicking on the arrows.
  • Fixed and issue where you could get a free quest with a length of 1 second that wouldn`t take away any energy.

SnF coming to mobiles

  • After this patch you will be able to play and access your account on mobile devices. We changed the design of the page to look and function better on your phone. Some small devices may have issues with their resolution. For the best user experience follow the instuctions on picture bellow.
  • Dragged items now appear under your cursor instead of next to it.
  • New graphic design for profile and character image.
  • You can now customize your profile picture. Access the customization page by clicking your profile picture.

Quick patch: profiles

Earlier we introduced badges into the game so that you can show off your achievements. Now we have added an option to look at other player profiles and inspect their inventory and badges. You just have to select the player you want to inspect on the leaderboard page.

Season 2: What has changed

Game state so far is a clicking game about beating other users in experience. We have added several major changes to improve your race for the first place.
  • New inventory and items that increase the rewards you get from quests and decrease the time spent on those quests.
  • Over 30 items have been added and more are coming soon.
  • IMPORTANT! If you have full backpack (the five slots on top left) and you are about to recieve an item, the item will be DELETED. Keep your inventory clean.
  • Inventory is divided into slots. Currently in use are feet, head and backpack slots.
  • New effects for your items to help you on your adventures. Each item can get different values of each effect.
    1. Speed: Decreases the time of each quest without affecting the reward.
    2. Sun protection: Increases the experience you get from a quest.
  • Profile badges have also been introduced to the game. They are a reward for achieveng a certain goal in the game.
    1. Season 2 Level 10 Badge
    2. Season 2 Level 25 Badge
    3. Season 2 Level 50 Badge
  • Everybody from Season 1 has recieved a legacy badge as our thanks for staying with us and being interested in the game.
  • First three players from Season 1 had an opportunity to have their own items added. Try and find them.
  • The placement for last season:
    1. k4pit4n
    2. Hanzman_CZE
    3. OwO_Cz

New season is coming!

Get prepeared for the next season of SnF. We have some new features for you to explore and enjoy. Look forward to new quests, inventory and items. We hope you will enjoy this update and stay with us to compete in the next season. There are also special awards for the best of you so don`t give up!